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Bhagyashri Umadi

Nashik : Prime minister Narendra Modi  while addressing the nation amidst the Covid-19 lockdown crisis appealed to the citizens of the country to become ‘vocal about local’, a new slogan pitched by him to enlighten the need of the hour and a solution for the betterment of the country’s economy. He urged to the people to increasingly purchase and promote local products with a strong vision of going global to uplift the local manufacturing, market and supply chain after strongly believing in the potential of the Indians as only the locals helped us through the crisis to survive. With the virus leaving a terrific impact on the economy, local is the only way forward. The local markets and manufacturers can be a powerful tool to pave the way to the roadmap of globalization for India. Not only buying the local products but also endorsing them is the major role that is to be played by the countrymen.

This is the revolution India needed. Modi’s yet again novel initiative to globalize India will leave a significant impact to the country’s economy and greatly influence the made in India market. Our foundation’s expedition under the prime minister’s vision to create more and more business entrepreneurs to start local business of their own promoting India will now work in force as people are finally looking towards the positive and beneficial side of it.

–  Shreekant Lachake, National president, Made in Swadeshi foundation


Modi’s appeal to go vocal for local will surely pave the way for India to lead the world in future. If every Indian pledges to use products made in India and encourage others to the same, the country can be its own economy lifter. After the uncertainties faced due to the unprecedented times this will lead to other great benefits like employment too and eventually be accountable to raise the country’s economy. We are all set with an intense platform looking forward yield more business in the coming time with our very own country being the manufacturer, consumer and exporter.

–  Shweta Kapdekar, Country Director – India, Exim Marketplace


Modi emphasizing over being local is not only an appeal but an opportunity in the field of agro business. During the lockdown period, the farmer producer company has noticed the necessity of global supply chain in agro – export business considering it to be constructive and beneficial for the farmer community and the country’s economy.  Our only aim being serving the nation by taking agro market from local to global has been given a green signal to accelerate as modi’s vision profoundly sees a brighter future with the farmers in the coming times as he addressed the same in his speech. We are dedicatedly working to bring this massive change in the community and until now have incorporated more than 500 FPC in Maharashtra and are now looking forward to work with full force to exercise his vision through our company beginning from Nashik.

–  Kishor Mali , Chief development officer, FPO Sahayata Kendra